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Taking a small portion of another persons something, such as a small hit off of a pipe, a bite of food, a sip of a drink, or drag of a cigarette.
Hey man, let me just get a squibble of that burger.
by doobersnooze December 14, 2009
Verb describing that little shaking motion you make with your hips when you feel happy or snuggly, similar to a dog wagging its tail.
He snuggled up to me, and I squibbled happily.
by Piargh May 02, 2011
A squibble is a small squabble. A squabble is little skirmish.
We had a squibble over who was the better candidate for office.
by Squibbly Squabbler April 29, 2012
Another variation of scribbles often containing unwanted marks.
Teacher: You get an F for all these scribbles.
Student: Bitch please, its squibbles.
by Bobby Tortilla October 22, 2014
v. a swift lick form the back of the testical to the tip of the penis
hey beoch give me a squibble
by andy January 17, 2004
A name for someone who is squibblish in nature.

Cf. silly, crazy, funny
"You silly squibble, I luvz u."
by Dan Boyle January 14, 2008
v. To communicate with your friends and people you like, while away from them
"Jeez, I'm not out 'til the end of the month now"
"Damn... well, make sure you squibble me sometime during the week, tell me what's goin' on, innit"
"Fo' sho'"
by Donald Kibbles September 06, 2008
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