Adj. A combonation of the two words squeamish and scribble. In other a person who is easily excited and messy. Also calling some one Squibble implies they are a potential psychopath that will do very grim things.
"That guy is squibble, watch out he may kill you and perform necrophilia."

"Don't let her squibb on you or you'll never get it out of your clothes."
by Airic January 05, 2007
A combination of the words 'scribble' and 'squib' (a small firework) Hence - someone with an explosive personality who likes to write. Also a pun on quip, and quibble - a witty comment.

Squib v. 1579 to use smart or sarcastic language, or to throw forth a quip. (Shorter Oxford Dictionary)
What a squibbly website!
by Squibble September 25, 2003
noun - a small gibble of a sandwich; approximately 1 glockameter in length.

verb - the act of skiddlin a squibble
"Man why you been squibblin"
proper response: "every day, nigga. every day"

"Man, give me a lil squibble
by Alex Jarstad October 08, 2006
unofficial name for the unnamed portion of the back of the knee.
After exercising, I felt an intense pain in my squibble.
by Dolores Gremlinson April 28, 2007

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