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A combination of the words 'scribble' and 'squib' (a small firework) Hence - someone with an explosive personality who likes to write. Also a pun on quip, and quibble - a witty comment.

Squib v. 1579 to use smart or sarcastic language, or to throw forth a quip. (Shorter Oxford Dictionary)
What a squibbly website!
by Squibble September 25, 2003
noun - a small gibble of a sandwich; approximately 1 glockameter in length.

verb - the act of skiddlin a squibble
"Man why you been squibblin"
proper response: "every day, nigga. every day"

"Man, give me a lil squibble
by Alex Jarstad October 08, 2006
unofficial name for the unnamed portion of the back of the knee.
After exercising, I felt an intense pain in my squibble.
by Dolores Gremlinson April 28, 2007