Compounded/truncated work: 'Let's go eat'.
"Yo, mungry: squeet."
by oso blanco September 27, 2006
1) A word used to describe a very small object (adj)

2) Word used to replace words such as 'gay' and or 'f*cking retarded'
"LOOK it's a SQUEET!!"

"You are a squeet!"
by ::Odd:: May 26, 2005
Slang for square feet.
Our new house is 2500 squeet.
by MOA October 31, 2004
Backwards Hill-Billy Country Speak; A contraction of the the statement,"Let's go eat."
"You hungry?"
"Yeah. Squeet."
by Darrell Parkhill August 25, 2004
shortened way to say.
Lets go eat
Yo Dog I'm hungry squeet aight
by Spider January 05, 2004
Verb -- A simultaneous orgasm during sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.

Noun -- The mixture of pussy juice and semen.

Origin: combination of words 'squirt' and 'skeet'
"Klye and Maile were engaged in harmonious love making when they experienced the most amazing squeet of their life."

"If you're not going to wash your blanket, Jack, can you at least change your squeet sheets?
by LittleWinston March 26, 2010
1.Squirrel Meat ejaculate. cousin to the word skeet, but only used for men under 5'2"
I waited until she went, then I could finally squeet.
by JohnnysGaL February 14, 2010
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