Compounded/truncated work: 'Let's go eat'.
"Yo, mungry: squeet."
by oso blanco September 27, 2006
Slang for square feet.
Our new house is 2500 squeet.
by MOA October 31, 2004
to 'squee' and 'skeet' at the same time.

Squee: a noise to denote excitement.

skeet: to jizm on yourself.
Person 1: Tegan and Sara just came out with a new album!

Person 2: OMG! They're so hot, and i'm so excited; I just squeeted on myself! FANGIRLFANGIRLFANGIRL!!!!
by Queeniefakesit November 10, 2009
Ryan's combination of the giddy fan expression "squee" and the word sweet. It would refer to something that is both incredibly awesome and inspiring of a fan squeal of enthusiasm.
Squeet! I just got a Ferrari.
by hicsilver August 25, 2008
Combination of the words SQUARE and FEET.
Square feet.
Ted and Gary were looking for a decent sized apartment. Something in the neighborhood of 1,200 squeet.
by Christopher Mulcahy November 08, 2007
Its a short form for square feet. Square + Feet = Squeet
Hey Steve my man, what's the squeet of that door schedule?
by fatherpain October 19, 2005

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