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A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community.
Omg!! New Harry Potter book out!! Omg Squee squee! omg!!!
by Sazzle June 07, 2004
squee: interjection: an expression of happiness.
Squee! That movie was glorious!
by Dr. Suzzle August 18, 2010
To squeal so hard that one pee's him or herself.

Squeal + Pee = Squee.
Typically "emitted" by Harry Potter fangirl.
by Self-Realized Fangirl. June 28, 2010
Squee is a meaningless word that simultaneously means anything and everything. It is any noun, verb, adjective that the speaker or author intends it to be. Coined by Ariel and Christine last names unknown to be used in any given context. The point of the word is to be substituted for whatever need be. It allows a person to be as completely vague as possible yet still making a point.
"What did you and Amy do last night?"
"She was in a bad mood, so we just squeed."

It is undecipherable what the response means; the couple may have simply held hands or they could have engaged in sexual activities. The listener still can't understand what happened though still receives an answer. Thus 'squee' has successfully served its purpose yet again.
by killercaterpillar April 18, 2010
1.Strange blonde female with a spontaneous nature and an affinity for dinosaurs

2.Having or demonstrating the qualities of a Squee
1. That spastic blonde chick over there? (wearing the dog collar?) Yeah, that's Squee.

2. You coloured your hair with sharpies? That is so Squee...
by INV4DERSQU33 January 14, 2009
The sound made by robots when they are deactivated in the comic book "Magnus Robot Fighter". The comic began publication in 1963 by Gold Key comics (and was revived in 1990 by Valiant Comics). Magnus frequently uses his brute strength to decapitate robots, and the action is typically accompanied by the written sound effect "SQUEE" (the quantity of the letter 'e' sometimes varies).
(Magnus chops a robot's head off)
Robot: Squee! (deactivates)
by shill66 April 17, 2007
A small, involuntary stream or spray of saliva unexpectedly shot out from between the tongue and teeth when one's mouth opens.
Debbie was yawning and totally squeed me in the face.
by QUBIQ October 19, 2010
the noise made by one in affection, toward there significant other in response to a sexually playful word or touch.

It is a squeal of excitement, similar to saying "squeee" outloud in short, high pitched burst of sound. Sometimes similar in sound to when you poke someone in a ticklish spot that they can't control.
While caressing your partner, she let out a "squee" of excitement....


You kiss your partner behind the ear and heard a "squee" of pleasure.
by CyberPimp-TheDigitalDon September 13, 2010

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