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of, pertaining to, or a likeness of the Sasquatch and/or its habitat
Can you believe how deep that woman's voice was? She was so squatchy.

That's such a squatchy house. It's all run-down and falling apart.
by James76 October 15, 2011
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1. describing hearing a sound that could be of possible Sasquatch origin.

2. Making a noise that sounds as if could have been made by a Sasquatch.
A nervous but cool camper in the woods exclaims "Wow did you hear that? That was Squatchy."

Was that you yawning? Your so swatchy!
by Spiralgirl147 July 03, 2011
(Adjective) Derived from the characteristics of a Sasquatch i.e. being stinky and hairy.
Best used to describe a place or thing of a smelly and / or dirty nature , and even more appropriate if referring to a smelly , hairy person.
"Damn bro, did you notice that guy back there? He was one squatchy mother fucker!"

"Fuck man, let's get out of here. This place is way too squatchy for me."
by Jay DeCay January 28, 2012
Adjective describing an eerie moment, feeling or sense of what's to come.
This area seems real squatchy, its creeping me out man.
by eastondle January 02, 2012
To be hairy all over your body, including buttcrack, butthole, legs, underarms, neck, ears and crotch. Or to be sasquatch-esque.
That Cuban girl was so squatchy! She had hair sprouting out of her pants!
by Sweaty Jan February 22, 2009
Pulling down one's pants to fart, particularly (but not limited to) farting on an open fire.
"I'm about to run squatchy on this fire."

"Steve got so drunk he squatchied on his girlfriend in bed."
by Scooteronomy January 10, 2012

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