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More commonly referred to as the vulva, squange is the external portion of the female reproductive system.
"Man, I love donning my latex gloves and double-punching some squange!"
by Hugh Jovaries April 27, 2009
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To "Squange" something is to grab or squeeze an item visiously, usually approached with wide spread fingers and followed by a forceful groan after the initial grasp.
Kyle! you Squanged the living fuck out of that cone!
by Michael Tarantoola February 20, 2008
automatic half credit, possibly full credit, on any math test as long as you put "+ C" after the word.
As Paul Noe desperately scrambled to put an answer, Steve Furger put "Squange + C" as his answered got half credit while Paul got only one point.
by godzilla Lee January 10, 2008

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