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This occurs while urinating; when a massive sneeze overpowers you causing jets of urine to spray uncontrollably all over the walls and floor of the bathroom. This usually results in a large puddle of pee.

"That Sally McPuddles made a huge mess when he pissed all over the goddamn floor, he must have spuddled in there!"
by Anonymous June 07, 2006
16 9
A short form of the term 'spooge puddle' or the cold, damp pool of sexual effluvia left on the sheet after making sweet, sweet love.
Jane: So, how was your date last night?

Mary: A complete gentleman. He bought me flowers and paid for dinner, he even slept in the spuddle after fucking me senseless.
by langkwaifongdude August 29, 2009
1 3
the act of spitting so much, that you form your own puddle/resevoir of spit on the floor. spuddle = spit puddle
"did someone cum on the floor?"
"naa, thats my spuddle"
by bevbah April 20, 2009
0 3
To assumes an air of importance and to dwell on trifles.
Senator Foghorn as usual spudlled when called upon to speak.
by bob palmer August 17, 2003
3 7