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1. The state of being constipated; synonym for constipated; 2. A rare fruit native to Africa, which will lead to constipation if consumed.
1. I am sprod from all that fudge I ate.

2. Don't eat that sprod, you will become sprod.
by Pderf McTwait February 18, 2011
In conjunction with the above, it hould be noted that he has many a sexual experiences with R. Managnaro (see manganaro, go mango). These have been recounted to people as enjoyable and numerous, and thus still continue with the Pananian population of Beavers today.
" Mango is a Sprod-bitch "
" Man, Sprod must have been around because his ass is as red as sunburn! "
by Robert Manganaro March 18, 2004
1) Male form of Dabaja
"That guy is such a Sprod, he should make a movie called The Sprodinator"

"Look at this guy, he loves Germany nearly as much Sprod, I dub him Sprod jnr."
by D.E March 15, 2004
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