crisp and clean, usually defining clothing or style.
Someone wearing new cloths or freshly ironed/starched clothes could be considered sprite. i.e. "Man, your' looking sprite today!" Also could be used to describe someone w/ a fresh shave or clean cut hairstyle.
by illskilla April 26, 2006
Cocaine; anything that deals with cocaine.
"You got dat sprite dawg?"
by Natedizzle March 22, 2005
1) A type of soda that gives you flatulence
2) A fairy tale creature
3) A misspelling of spirit
1) Get me some Sprite.
2) Get me some Sprite, sprite.
3) Get me some Sprite, sprite. Oh and don't forget to pop in the bar to get some sprite.
by Aldorin February 16, 2015

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