an acronym for "Super Phetamine Rectal Injection Tequila Extraordinaire". It is an extremely addictive and fictional drug.
dude, I think that weed we smoked was laced with some SPRITE.
by Bandaloon April 30, 2008
The act of needing to poop or something stinky. A pun intended to poke fun at my cat Sprite who smells terribly, actually.
I have to go sprite! or... That is one smelly sprite.
by DontchaWannaKnow June 21, 2009
New word for cock after the Sprite ad that showed a girl looking like she was giving a guy a blowjob, come to find out she was drinking his sprite.
'I like the sprite in you!'
by VittoriaV2 July 20, 2009
Carbonated sugar-water. Enough said.
It's not a real soda man...
by sflagurl25 June 07, 2005
another word for jizz, cum, love-juice, sex-piss etc
"i got my sprite all over her face"
by full of sprite May 25, 2005
an ugly/ disgusting thing or person
guy1:yo man did you see tht girl

guy2:she was sprite,almost made me puke


girl1:do you lik this dress on me

girl2: it looks sprite
by philip walden August 17, 2008
(Aka. Austin-Healey Sprite) A small british roadster made by Austin from 1958-1971, using the same engine as the Mini Cooper. (Note: the MG Midget 1961-1979 is essentially the same car but with different emblems, etc.) The MKI Sprite(1958-1960) is nicknamed the "Bugeye" due to it's headlights and front end.
Check out my ride. Damn, that Sprite is small!
by RAKIII January 26, 2006

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