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SPRITE is a very extremely fascinating drink!!! Its been such a phenomena its even being refferd to ad th new fountian of youth!!!!! Yes it is good! But thats not all combined with other flavors and drinks it can be outrageously, dangerously amazingly, fantastically, incredibly beneficial to not only humans but inanimate object too! Not only can it make u feel good when your sick, or help u memorize information for a test when you hardly studied but combined with grape and vanilla it can actually stimulate ur brain, help you "perform" better and even give you the adrenaline or confidence to obtain the neccessary skills to overcome any obstacle, force, opponent or task. Its simply amazing!! Try sum today!!!!!
"My garden wont grow at all?"

My garden is grwing vastly now, thanks to the wonderful powers of SPRITE!
"AHhhhhhhh!.... i cant open this stupid jar!!"
"give me a jar.another jar...another!!... With the magic of sprite I can open any jar!!!!"

"drink sprite or die"

"give me Sprite or give me Death!!!"

"4 score and sum odd years ago a drink was conceived! A wonderful amazing drink. A drink so tight we simply call it sprite.
"boo hoo.... My significant other left me/ now i got the blues..."
" my significant who??? I don't have one of those. I cant remember when i last did. All i remember is getting this SPRITE and all my worries were gone!!! Thanks Sprite!!"

Actual testimonies~~


"Sprite changed my life!!!"

"Sprite gave me a second chance at living!!!"

"Sprite saved me from a deep spiraling depression that would ended with me, a car, and a cliff.....Thanks to SPRITE im happy as can be!!!"

"Sprite saved my marriage!!!"

"My baby's first words were SPRITE is TIGHT. Thank you sprite!!!"

"If it wasn't for Sprite i never would have noticed that open car door, containing on the drivers seat that pencil, to which the address on it spelled backwards read the name of the building downtown that was being robbed in which the silent alarm wouldnt go off. We saved all those people all thanks to SPRITE!"
by Sprite_Connoisseur December 09, 2009

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