The capital city of the great state of Illinois. It is one of the top five largest cities in Illinois, with a population of over 112,000. It is located in the west-central area of the state, which makes it more accessable to the rest of Illinois.
Springfield was the home of Abraham Lincoln, the president responsible for restoring the union and keeping the nation from being torn in two, and also freeing the black slaves in the South and parts of the Midwest, such as Kentucky and Missouri.
The city has a reasonably good skyline for it's size. The two largest and tallest buildings in Springfield are the Springfield Hilton Hotel, and the Illinois State Capital building.
Springfield, Illinois is the capital of Illinois.
by I'm Not a Lib March 16, 2005
Top Definition
Where Homer Simpson lives.
Springfield USA!! =p
by MiKoLovesPho July 22, 2005
A city in western Massachusetts, pop. 160,000. Home of:

- Basketball

- Volleyball (invented in Holyoke, a Springfield suburb)

- Dr. Seuss

- Indian Motorcycles

- The Springfield Armory (stocked the US military with rifles since before the US Civil War up until 1967, when it was converted to a vocational/technical community college).

- The Springfield Indians AHL hockey team, whose claim to fame was that Snoop Dogg wore their jersey at the end of the Gin and Juice video (or "What's My Name?", I can't remember).

- And presumably more stuff that I can't think of right now.

Lots of Puerto Ricans live there now.
"Of all the cities that I have ever had the opportunity to spend time in, Springfield is definitely one of them."
-Learned wise man.
by 5th Column February 28, 2004
a big-ass town in western mass that is pretty much a shithole. i've spent time there, and both my parents grew up there. it's number 18 on the list of most dangerous US cities.
one time i was in springfield and i shit you not, witnessed someone set a car on fire with a tiki-torch.
by broseph April 10, 2005
Hick town smack-dab in the middle of Midwestern Ohio. Home of John Legend, Wittenberg University and Schulers Donuts. Lots and lots of suburbs and farmland.
Springfield's okay, but I can't wait to get the hell out!
by Greta Salpeter August 03, 2009
Nickname for a five round, bolt action rifle made at Springfield Armory also known as an '03 (named so because of the model year of the rifle, the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle). Fired .30 caliber rounds. Was the main weapon for infantry during World War I. Usage of the rifle continued into early World War II, until it was completely replaced by the semi automatic, eight round M1 Garand. Afterwards, the Springfield mainly saw usage as a markman's rifle in the U.S Armed Forces and served as the standard American sniper rifle during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
U.S Ranger Sharpshooter Private Jackson (played by Barry Pepper) famously uses a 1903A4 Springfield sniper rifle in combat in Steven Spielburg's World War II drama, Saving Private Ryan.
by Private First Class Huaman July 31, 2004
1. Name of many cities. The largest and most well-known Springfield is in Massachusetts. It's home to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Springfield, IL is also well-known by elementary school students as a state capital, but otherwise, it's a backwater. Springfield, MO is even more of a backwater but it's home to SW Missouri State Univ (SMS). There are also smaller Springfields in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Oregon and Ohio. None of these are worth discussing.
2. The fictional town where TV's The Simpsons live. It's not supposed to be in any state; rather, it's Springfield, USA. Identifying it with any real city would be a real embarassment because this Springfield is home to a fake barf factory.
We drove through Springfield on our way to Springfield.
by Nutmegger February 15, 2004
Springfielders thumb this up, other towns dont hate. Don't know what we're about? Lemme sum this up, we got what you need, we charge premium for premium quality, and beer is cheap. Hard alcohol is part of our food pyramid. From the bottom all the way to the top, we stay springfield true, and when shit hits the fan a springhood boy got his bros backs. Hate us or love us, we are what we are, and dont forget who runs this county like the way it's supposed to be. Don't like it? Suck it up and move on with your life, it's not gonna change any time soon.

Springfield's got the closest crews you'll ever meet, and if you try to start shit within our borders you're bound to get wrecked. Fags that start shit within our own town get ended fast, might as well get out if you're gonna be a bitch. Springfielders stay on good terms with our neighbors, dont start anything and you got a free pass to all the product and protection you need. Friends are what make Springfield a place to be, we stay close and dont let no one start trouble and get away with it.
Person A: Springfield's a great town.
Person B: Yeah, they got some real good stuff and some real good people.
Person A: Don't forget the hot girls.
Person B: How could you? Springfield girls are banginnn
by Dont worry bout it ;) April 22, 2010
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