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Coitus interupptus from the doggy position.
Sprayed her bad... left a map of Hawaii.
by Mark January 31, 2005
To use nitrous oxide in a drag race. You "spray" someone by using nitrous on them.
That vette was pullin on me, but I sprayed him and won by a length.
by wdr May 29, 2004
To Graffiti on something.. To use spraypaint and spray on a building.
Lets go spray the town tonight
by acetic November 06, 2003
noun. a word used to shed positive light on something. used in a positive connotation.
"Man that show was spray"
by Viceroy May 19, 2006
What I do in America's Army when I'm 18Z and I see 5 OpFor coming my way.

To just fire many bullets without really aiming.
I saw the opfor rushing, so I decided to spray them all with my M249.
by The Anti-Christ Commie January 31, 2005
Someone says something that isn't true
"Shup mate, and stop chatting spray about Jake!"
by Adam Hatta October 11, 2005