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When ice skating, gaining speed and then stopping suddenly, using you skate blade to scrape ice off the top of the surface and throw it in the direction you are traveling. Can be done to show off or to annoy a lazy person sitting down on the ice.
Bobby- "At Hockey practice yesterday, One of the new guys was sitting on the ice, so I sprayed him in his helmet cage."

Jim- "Cool story bro."
by Wheresmytooth? August 02, 2011
When a sexual partner Sneezes into the face of the other partner, leaving them with mucous and saliva on the face.
Friend A: *a chu*

Friend B: You sick?

Friend A: Yeah this bitched sprayed me last night and now I'm dieing.
by Dr. Pib December 06, 2010
being that kid that always has axe on him, or in his locker

it might smell like shit, but no one cares
Yo kid, give me some spray.
by SPRAY95 September 21, 2010
Hitting a golf ball all over the fuckin' place like Hyland
I'd pull my driver out but I'd spray it all over the place
by Wayne-OHHHHHHHH August 06, 2008
flat soda. on a two or one liter bottle, any soda that remains under the bottom of the label.
Is there any splash left? No just spray.
by Big Schlong Stud January 25, 2008
a spraypainted image in CounterStrike, usually an "Owned by ____" picture, a funny picture, or nudity.
Did you see the new goatse spray for CS:S?
by Trevor February 05, 2005
Explosive diarreha.
Man, no more 3 a.m. Chalupas for me, I spent all morning on the can taking a spray!
by BFish December 31, 2002