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When you fart on somebody and a spray of poo turns their skin brown.
Last night I ripped a diarrhea fart on my girlfriend and gave her a sweet spray tan on her boob!
by Troob March 04, 2009
Prison slang for getting rammed by a flamboyant Latino
The new inmate Alex was spraytanned by Armando
by Leftnut July 05, 2016
when your doing a bird up the gary glitter and she has diarrhea, whilst having sex it creates a thumb over hose spray effect on your stomach
i was doing this chick up the arse the other day and ended up getting a spray tan
by ollierb January 31, 2011
When you fart in someones face while they are sleeping.
Jason was sleeping and I gave him a Spray Tan alarm to wake him up.

I gave that bitch a Spray Tan after she had been snoring all night.
by RDT84 October 16, 2010
when a fart leaves a golden glow on a friend
"oh no, that girl just spray tanned me!?" "No dude, it's ok, just hope she didn't have carrots cuz then it will be orange."
by Jmuscle January 04, 2010
when another man sprays crap on his boyfriend
gayman 1. hey man that was a sweet spray tan you gave me last night
gayman 2. yeah there was shit flying every where it even got on the walls
by morgancarter1234 August 04, 2007
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