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1. To trick or deceive, to lie or be deceitful, to get tricked or lied to.

2. Unfair or not right, to be taken advantage of.

3. To copy or mimic, to make fun of.
1. "I got spoosed, I was the only one there." "Haha, you got spoosed!!!"

2. "That's spoose, we should have won..."
by March 31, 2009
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{noun} A combination of sperm and mousse.
"I liked that chicks hair so much I had to spoose in it!" or "I think I want to spoose on your face."
by titwillow July 05, 2009
The fictional male counterpart of "frontal flatulence". Also known as a "male queef".
Guy 1: Dude, last night when I was using the bathroom I think I spoosed.

Guy 2: No way man. You know that's impossible. Guys can't queef.
by Caleb_W June 25, 2008
A person parents show their daughters to scare them into celibacy.
Spoose: And what are you going to be when you grow up little girl?
Little Girl: A nun
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
A person who tries to convince someone into never having sex
person-dont have sex, hun.
other person- ok, never never!
by Matt Razz June 20, 2004

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