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A fuckaluck is one who is an asshole or a duesche.
You fuckaluck! that dude is such a fuckaluck,I thought I'd have to bash his fuckin brains in!
by titwillow January 28, 2008
A person who is the epidemy of dorkiness.
What are you doing hangin out with that Dweezildork?
by titwillow January 28, 2008
{noun} A combination of sperm and mousse.
"I liked that chicks hair so much I had to spoose in it!" or "I think I want to spoose on your face."
by titwillow July 05, 2009
A person who cant do anything right, or who is clumsy.
"You Bumblefuck! You can't do anything right!!" or "Wow, that dude's the biggest Bumblefuck I know!"
by titwillow January 28, 2008

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