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What a drunk white trash red neck calls any black person. Usually the result is the black guy feels the white guys is frigging nuts!
"If you can't drive get off the road Spooby"
"Fuck you, Spooby"
by Reluctant Seer November 28, 2005
A universal word used to describe a person. Most commonly but not always used as an insult. The term is most famously used in the comedian T-Rex's skit titled "Spooby" where an irritated driver uses it to insult the main character.

Spooby can be used to refer to any type of person whether it be by personality, race, color, etc.
"Those spoobies are winning the game."

"That spooby of a babysitter just canceled on me."

"If that guy lays a finger on me again I will go spooby-mode on him."
by Justazaya June 24, 2010
Spooby is the new swag. Used to refer to a person or thing that is seen as trendy.
"Man that guy has spoob. His shoes are so f**ckin spooby."
by McDonlads May 10, 2016
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