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a streamlined fusion of the salutation "hey, yo" that goes over extremely well with the modern urban entrepreneur.
"ayo, slim, whatcha'll be on?"
by sinicalypse May 04, 2003
a terminology used by grandiose-stoned 20somethings in the fair city of spokane washington used as a device to euphemize themselves into believing that they have what it takes to survive for 10 minutes in the heat of a REAL ghetto, thanks to some quasi-white trash denizen who happen to comprise most of the town, however i think that it's really the herb talking here: these kids think that they're some real fuckin hood like whats they know about a highrise project and the art of coppin blows and screamin ay0 from it while the cops are already outside?!
"y0 poor, outsda way, i'z from da spokompton y000 i aint play like that, nickuh!!"
by sinicalypse March 02, 2006
a street slang term for pre-packaged usually synthetic heroin sold in ten-dollar denominations.
"blows! blows! park"
by sinicalypse May 04, 2003

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