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1 definition by sonnys

Largest city on the east side of Washington state, formally known as "Spokane." This stagnant city refuses to grow up, as can be immediately seen by surveying its "downtown", the city's overall continuing lack of progress and its inhabitants, be they mullet bearing white trash, their counterpart wiggers from around the way or the "Coog" fans from the nearby "city" of Pullman, where the nearest state college was wisely located in the middle of grain fields, nowhere near the "City" of Spokane.
I recently had to spend a week in Spokompton, by the third day I thought I was going to slit my throat. I haven't had to go back there for years, amazingly - nothing has changed. Still nothing to do - I got some burgers from Dicks, I saw a Coog fan get into a fight with a wigger, and then got challenged to a street race by some dude in a mullet driving an Iroc Z28. I've set my new time limit in Loserville at 3 days maximum.
by sonnys November 04, 2006
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