Top Definition
to ejaculate
I just spluged all over my hand, my girlfriend will come lick it off!
by Big COCK December 12, 2003
To push for your ejaculat through your penis. Or to shoot a load.
Yo man you just spluged all over that girls jumblies.
by Dj Godfather April 11, 2003
The white shit that comes out of ones dick during an erection. (usually into anothers mouth)
After that bitch sucked me off, she got spluge on my shirt cuz she didn't swollow.
by Coby February 19, 2003
to ejackulate from the male reproductive orags ,otherwise known and the testicals or as comily use "dood u just went SKEET SKEET!"
adam c. said v.v , i wish i could skeet..........*snifle*
by kyle March 22, 2005
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