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To cum; to jiz on ones face; an eruption from the peinis.
After head I splooged in her face.
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
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Sploog can mean anything you want it to mean. Its just a word used in place of common words used to throw people off what you're really talking about. To make sense of it you have to listen to the context clues and how it is used that particular time.
Ex. Girl comes over your house to chill and you say "Do you sploog?" She replies with an unsure yes. The word you have replaced sploog with could be dance, strip, smoke, drink, fuck, O.D., etc.

Ex. After a good night of partying on the way home you ask your friend "Are you good?" They reply with "No. I'm splooged." The word they replaced could have been tired, sleepy, fucked up, drunk, high, drunk & high, feeling good, hungry etc.
by B6 #ODE February 09, 2012
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sploog; to sling one feces at another bootyassshitcrappoopsexhole
Ryan Murray was splooged in the side of the head in isle 3 at MIchaels cause you know there shelves are full of shit
by thesaurus January 22, 2005
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