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A person who splodes things.
Jessica is a sploder. She just sploded that bbq sauce!
by Zuestan May 03, 2009
A website created by Geoff Gaudreault on January 2nd, 2007. This popular website allows users to make their own games. As of July 2016, Sploder has 5 game makers, which include the Classic Shooter Creator, the Platformer Creator, the Aglorithm Crew, the Physics Puzzle Maker, the Retro Arcade Game Creator and the Multiplayer Game Maker. The game makers are simple and easy to use, which is one of the main reasons the website is so popular.
Person 1: I'm making a game on Sploder.

Person 2: Really? Which game maker are you using for it?

Person 1: I'm using the Physics Puzzle Maker.

Person 2: Sound awesome! I'm going to play your game when you'll publish it!
by Vaxen July 02, 2016
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