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The same thing as a spliff. A mixture of tobacco and marijuana, rolled into a perfect smoking ciggarette pleasure called a splock.
stoner 1: "ay man you got any tobacco?"

stoner 2: "jah mon"

stoner 1: "alright! now we can twist this splock"
by community_high_school January 11, 2010
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another name for a spliff
we just smoked the fattest splock in john's car
by chronolicious_mastahh January 11, 2010
A black spock
He looks like splock
by Boogiedown1288 October 26, 2013
To have wet messy sex......
I splocked her so hard, my wiener poked out of her pooper.........

All this splocking has shriveled my cock.

I splocked her and got warts on my nyansh.
by splock master May 14, 2010
To strike someone with one's wet/sticky penis after ejaculation, usually in the face.
The word originated as an onomatopoeia for the noise made when a penis (with foreskin) strikes another person making a very distinct noise.
To cock-slap with a wet and sticky penis.
Jenny swallowed and then I splocked her on both cheeks leaving her with a very messy face; she loved it.
by AidanH February 10, 2009

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