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When a person asks the smoker to pass the marijuana to him/her, but people keep passing it to other people and ignoring that person.
stoner's friend: "you only got one hit off that blunt!"

stoner: "Yeah I got sandered."

stoner's friend: "yeah you got sandered so hard bro!!!"
#weed #pot #dope #sparks #blunt #marijuana
by community_high_school January 07, 2010
The same thing as a spliff. A mixture of tobacco and marijuana, rolled into a perfect smoking ciggarette pleasure called a splock.
stoner 1: "ay man you got any tobacco?"

stoner 2: "jah mon"

stoner 1: "alright! now we can twist this splock"
#spliff #smoking #smoke #marijuana #weed #pot #grass
by community_high_school January 11, 2010
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