1. to escape/run away in a hurry
2. to make one naked
3. a sundae
1. "Oh shit nigga! The po-po's in this piece dawg I'm splitin'!"
2. "I'll get ya home and I'll split ya..."
3. "Banana splits are sexy"
by bawse major December 03, 2008
Split-S (Also known as Split S) is a maneuver used in fighter jets to escape an enemny jet chasing them.
To do it, make a round loop with an upside loop afterwords.
Used in real life and online games (e.g. Battlefield 2)
BF2 Pilot 1: Dude, you saw that? His Split-S made me crash!
BF2 Pilot 2: haha, n00b.
by GGGGGGGGGGGGG33333333333 November 11, 2006
To be both drunk and high, usually from cocaine.
Man, I've been drinking bud light and doing blow all night, I'm so split.
by Suge Knight October 06, 2004
Percentage of money received in a deal
Just renegged that contract and now my splits lookin good
by ableezy November 30, 2011
a state of high that surpasses the norm.
After that eighter i smoked, i was so split.
by sohigh October 20, 2010
A lesser version of the word frigid, split means to not want to kiss or hug or outwardly display affection in public.
Boy 1: Diana wouldn't hug me last night.
Boy 2: That's 'cause she's split.
by SiMeg August 07, 2009
To release flatulance from one's anus.
Omg shane, wtf did you just split ass???
by AwsomeAl December 09, 2007

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