Single Person Left Everyone Else Falling. Acronym for a very popular Minecraft minigame
Dude 1: dude! lets go play some Spleef.
Dude 2: sweet! im in!
by XS Scarab July 05, 2012
An ambiguous verb that does not really explain what is occurring. Can be used in a good or bad way (see examples). Most commonly used with bodily parts.
Oh my god dude! My anus is spleefing!

That girl over there makes me want to spleef so hard.
by Gatapi October 09, 2011
A variation/correct version of the word spliff.
I was down in Jamaica last week and I saw this guy smoking a huge spleef
by Alex Hartley June 12, 2007
The process of ejaculating and farting simultaneously (generally used when referring to males); the male version of a queef.
When Jane was blowing Jimmy, he spleefed in her face. She never spoke to him again.
by inajamm June 24, 2009
Message you receive after good anal pounding/beating.
hey can you spleef me real quick, that hurt really bad
by bneeks and natro merch October 11, 2010
The act of improving on what once needed improvement.
Wow that looked like shit before I totally spleefed it out.
by Steve115 December 09, 2006
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