when in the action of spleffingyou are either climbing something or eating something.
1. omg you totally spleefed that tree! (climb)

2. please dont spleef that guy in public. (eat)
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
Top Definition
A competitive sport in a 3D sandbox indie game called Minecraft. Gameplay consists of removing floor blocks from a stadium to make other players fall through the floor. The last player standing is declared the winner. After the game the floor is filled back in and the players compete again. Spleef is played in a specialized "Spleef Arena" composed of the main Spleef floor, a viewing area, and a lower floor to catch losers. The name is a pun on the word Grief, as the players resemble Griefers trying to make the other players fall through a floor.
Oh man, that last round of Spleef was intense!
by Tekwerk September 02, 2010
joint, usually a skinny long one, rolled in an orange style zig zag, aka pinner
the dude had a spleef rolled
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
A competitive sport played in Minecraft. Gameplay consists of deleting blocks under you feet while running around in an arena. The goal is to delete the blocks so that other players will fall through while avoiding the same fate yourself. Spleef is a pun on the word Grief.
I'm bored, hey let's play spleef!" "Sure!
by IDon'tKnowWhatMyNameIs September 26, 2010
A east coast variation of the original European term Spliff: A large well rolled joint of atleased headie quality Marijuana containing 1 or more grams of Marijuana.
"Yo man you wanna hit this spleef?" Naw homie I just hit a personal spleef and I am smacked like a beesh.
by BatmanB May 23, 2007
A variation on the word (spliff)
I was down in Jamaica last week and I saw this guy smoking a huge spleef
by Alex Hartley June 12, 2007
The act of letting air escape the corner of your mouth upon toking on a joint, resulting in an accidental raspberry. The name is derived from the term 'queef', a vaginal fart, and spliff, a coloquial term for the combination of tobacco and marijuana.
Finn: *Hits joint, accidentally blowing a raspberry*

Sydney: Ha ha, Finn just Spleefed. What a Spleefhead
by SirDrCool September 09, 2012
A rolled marajuana cigarette.
Fictional name for long-time internet gamer.
Let's roll a spleef and smoke like Popeye.

"Cops are fat" -spleef
by spleef May 01, 2003
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