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To spread them skank ass legs wide in hopes of attracting or luring in persons in search of poontang
DAMN did you see that bitch splay ova there? She aint even wearin any underwear. Guess I'll be seeing yall tomorrow
by the sandman March 02, 2004
The act of collapsing as awkwardly and spread out as possible creating an unrivaled feeling of elation and euphoria and happiness - an act generally accomplished in the nude.
She spent all afternoon splayed out over the shell of a tortoise.
by Trambone September 23, 2008
A contraction of lets and play for people whose time is to precious to say both.
Person one: Splay soccer
Person two: Its raining outside

Person one: Fine then splay video games
by Sheepies123 August 28, 2015
A visual defect created during plastic molding in which air and water create splash marks on the finished part.
Splash + Spray = Splay
by New Operator September 09, 2006
A rip-off of display, which, in turn, is somewhat of a rip-off of "represent".
Stand up for yourselves and 'splay homies.
by Splay-o-nater June 16, 2006

verb: the act of opening ones steak sized labia in order to attract a mate
the act of coitus

noun: food item that is generally messy
verb: damn, that bitch had her cooter splayed out like an open-faced sandwhich!
she splayed for me on prom night!

yeah dude, my mom made this awesome splay...i think she said it was some sort of alfredo.
by shawne March 02, 2004
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