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Patch of hair located directly above the penis.
Man,that is one hairy splatch!
by Splatchness April 21, 2005
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Patch of hair located above the penis or vagina but below the stomach. It becomes rather thick when unshaved and may take several razor blades to completely shave it if left unshaven for long periods of time.
Dude,one of my splatch hairs got caught in her braces last night and it hurt like fuck!
by JoeyD May 18, 2005
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Noun and Verb: The sound that shit makes when it hits the sidewalk or pavement. Also used to cite a sports, social, or professional failure.
(1) The US soccer team "splatched" on Thursday at the World Cup match against Ghana; (2) If you don't wear a smart suit to your job interview, you'll probably "splatch".
by Daniel Nordic June 22, 2006
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It's going to splatch all over him!
by Weston Ruter February 13, 2004
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