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The foul meaty goo produced when a bird impacts an aeroplane in mid-flight. Also produced in aerospace testing when raw chickens are fired at test aircraft at 500mph out of a cannon.
Ugh - the window is covered in splarge.
by syrtis August 02, 2011
A word used by teens in Britain. It's really a stupid and pointless words that idiots use to sound cool when in reality they sound like freaks.
Me: Hi David!!
David: Splarge!!!!?
David:.........i love you?..
by Fruffy Mittens March 07, 2011
Basically the same as swish. its a stupid word used by some teenagers in Britan. And thanks to MSN now most of our freinds that we have never met and that are rally 40 men with a a problem
thats pretty splarge
by Tom February 16, 2005
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