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A brand of cream first released in 2008 to cure a disease called Sandy Vagitis, more commonly known as sandpaper vagina. Over the years, the CDC further developed their product in many different colors & flavors, as well as adapt its use for nature’s condom and OstrichCamels alike. The product’s advertising phrase soon became “Spladoosh: for those sandpapery days!”

The CDC was pressured to create Spladoosh in response to threats of women weaponizing their sandpaper vaginas. In today’s day and age, male college students routinely flock to their local Walmart for bottles of Spladoosh once a month to fend off rampant dust storms developing in female dorm rooms.
Tanya: “I haven’t been able to Fedelisk in days.”
Ron: “All I hear is ‘blah blah blah my problems.’ Take some Spladoosh or something.”

Susan: “My problems hurt.”
Dr. Jackson: “I recommend Spladoosh.”
Susan: “But-”
by tothewillymobile October 17, 2011
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The noise a really big rock makes when you throw it into water.
(Guy throws rock into lake)

by The Frenchman January 25, 2005
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When something is so hot it makes the coochie flood with juicy love fluids.
I saw that Mike Patton picture that Jim sent me and SPLADOOSH!
by weej December 29, 2004
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to fuck a girl underwater
dude me and my girlfriend are going to spladoosh on our hunnymoon!
by kayotic February 19, 2010
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