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how only cool people refer to myspace
whitney and jim met on myspizzle
by weej January 02, 2005
When a person's bunghole is sore from explosive diarrhea. In severe cases you may even need some Preperation H or baby wipes.
Damn, Weej, your cookin' gave me tender A.
by weej December 18, 2004
the ghetto ass mini mart up the street where you will probably will get stabbed as soon as you step out of your car. (murder mart)
whitney:"Jim, go get me a 40 oz at the stab and grab"
Jim:"Bitch, I ain't crazy!"
by weej December 18, 2004
when someone is so fucking drunk or high they walk in a retarded shuffle just like ozzy osbourne.
jim got so loaded he was doing the ozzy shuffle all the way home
by weej December 17, 2004
When something is so hot it makes the coochie flood with juicy love fluids.
I saw that Mike Patton picture that Jim sent me and SPLADOOSH!
by weej December 29, 2004
A female who is clever, witty and sophisticated.
"I wish I was a WeeJ"
by WeeJ June 01, 2003

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