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When masturbating, or recieving a hand-job, spit is put on the hands, and treated as a lubricant to stimulate the cock.
"My bitch gave me a spit shine lastnight, it felt so fuckin' good."
by Treble June 16, 2003
Taking saliva from ones mouth and applying it in a vigorous rubbing motion to your dry skin(usually ankles, knuckles or knees). Used as a last resort when a failure to remember to put lotion on before leaving the house occurs.
I was on my way to meet some booty but i had to give my knuckles a quick spit shine because everybody knows you cant succeed in acquiring the butt if you look like Ashy Larry
by Ol Dirty Drawz August 03, 2011
when a woman is giving you oral sex and then you blow your jism in her mouth, she then proceeds to spit it out on your cock and give you a handjob.
"Damn James i blew my load in Mary's mouth last night and then she gave me a spitshine."
by jack_black March 18, 2004
When one spits on the vagina and vigorously starts rubbing it as if shining a shoe.
Yo I spit shined the fuck out of that crazy hoe.
by jiggens gopal March 27, 2015
HEAD, DOME, SUCKING DICK...however you want to put it, it is all the same.
Yo I just beat plus a spit shine my nigga.
by Jones The Greatest August 29, 2004
use shinola on ur boots ( spit on boots use panty hose to buff )
Drill instructor: " U boots spit shine yo bootys with shinola ". Then fallout for FOD police detail!

With my boots spit shine now I check out waves & waf
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
A basketball term used after 'schooling' someone in a fancey maner.
::between the legs, and up for the dunk (while defender is on his/her back):: You just got spit shined, son!!
by Diesel Man June 24, 2005
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