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Speaking without thinking, opening your mouth and saying your thoughts aloud without meaning to
"Imagine if bananas were pink instead of yellow...Dam I'm spinking!"
by kookslover June 12, 2006
A person who is part hispanic/part asian, a play off the words "spic" and "chink"; sometimes used against Filipinos.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
A really odd last name.
Jennifer Spinks
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
A person that get frustrated easily and acts insane or mentally retarded (spastic).
Daniel, Spinks on a handicapped person, by flipping a table on his injured leg.
by Army-cadet September 02, 2009
An offensive term used to insult a Mexican and Chinese person.
Person: That guy is such a spink!
Other person: I know right!
by oiamaqt June 15, 2014
A Phillipino. Due to their mixed spick (spanish) and chink (asian) heritage. They often have spanish last names, yet still have wide-screen vision.
"Walking around the mall today there was pure spinks everywhere"
by K. Bromlal June 04, 2009
someone who is horrny beyond reason
i am so spink i just want to have sex
by Wagicky January 07, 2008
A mix of a "Spic" and "Chink".
Spic Chink Wait is that guy chinese or spanish?

<br>His eyes are slanted but he's speaking spanish. He must a SPINK!

<br>Is he eating eggrolls or burritos?

<br>He does nails by day and picks oranges at night!

<br>Is irrigation taking him back to China or Mexico?

<br>Just leave him somewhere in the middle...

<br>It mystifies ME!
by kizzdizitalian April 22, 2009