Speaking without thinking, opening your mouth and saying your thoughts aloud without meaning to
"Imagine if bananas were pink instead of yellow...Dam I'm spinking!"
by kookslover June 12, 2006
Top Definition
A person who is part hispanic/part asian, a play off the words "spic" and "chink"; sometimes used against Filipinos.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
A really odd last name.
Jennifer Spinks
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
To walk into a bar, order a drink, look around hopefully and realise no one wants to talk to you.
'How did your trip out last night go?'

'Not well, I lost all my friends.'

'Oh no mate, did you spink again?'

'Yes, spinkity spankity sponk'
by CunterSpink7 May 27, 2015
A person that get frustrated easily and acts insane or mentally retarded (spastic).
Daniel, Spinks on a handicapped person, by flipping a table on his injured leg.
by Army-cadet September 02, 2009
A mix of a "Spic" and "Chink".
Spic Chink Wait is that guy chinese or spanish?

<br>His eyes are slanted but he's speaking spanish. He must a SPINK!

<br>Is he eating eggrolls or burritos?

<br>He does nails by day and picks oranges at night!

<br>Is irrigation taking him back to China or Mexico?

<br>Just leave him somewhere in the middle...

<br>It mystifies ME!
by kizzdizitalian April 22, 2009
someone who is horrny beyond reason
i am so spink i just want to have sex
by Wagicky January 07, 2008
An offensive term used to insult a Mexican and Chinese person.
Person: That guy is such a spink!
Other person: I know right!
by oiamaqt June 15, 2014
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