A mix of a "Spic" and "Chink".
Spic Chink Wait is that guy chinese or spanish?

<br>His eyes are slanted but he's speaking spanish. He must a SPINK!

<br>Is he eating eggrolls or burritos?

<br>He does nails by day and picks oranges at night!

<br>Is irrigation taking him back to China or Mexico?

<br>Just leave him somewhere in the middle...

<br>It mystifies ME!
by kizzdizitalian April 22, 2009
A person of a mixed chinese/mexican decent. basically a spik + a chink.

Caution: this is a derogatory term and could spread vibrations of hate.
you have the beautiful face of a spink.

shutup you spink!

that spink wouldn't leave me alone.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
A mixture of Spunk and Spit, normally spat out onto the asshole of the male.
A spinked my boyfriend last night.
by Ohnohedidn't. June 12, 2011
A miss-spelling of "it's pink" on msn.. leading to it being spelt as "it spink"
"hey dude, what colour is your gf's hair?"
"It spink :)"
by Lilac Cat April 01, 2009
- verb
1. to think out loud, ostensibly to oneself, usually with the intention of instigating small talk or actual debate with anyone within audible range. (speak + think)
ROBERT: Hmm, that's interesting.
ROBERT: Oh, just this opinion piece in the LA Times about troop levels in --
GEORGE: I see, you were just spinking again.

MARK: Hmm, that's interesting.
JOHN: I'm sorry, were you spinking to me?
by literacectomy February 15, 2010
The visual attribute of "hot" pink; a light shade of red having an engagingly stimulating effect - i.e. one that is playfully sexy.
A provocative, frolicky color; any shade of pink characterized by a piquant sensation of "heat."
by a friend of Appiy's November 24, 2003
n. a multi-racial combination of two slang insults. Derived from the Latin "Spic" and Eastern "Chink", Spink literally means one who is master of the poon. See also "Ghetto AZN"
"Man, did you see that crew of spinks totally fuck up those honkeys?!"
by PoonPieHouligan August 17, 2003

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