when fucking a dry scratchy asshole with no lube, wrap one arm around the girl and brace the other arm across her back. Quickly jerk the arms together breaking her spine in two all while breaking the skin so that her spinal fluid leaks down the small of her back into her ass, thus giving you lube to wet up her dry butthole
this girls ass was so dry and i forgot to bring my lube, so i gave her a spinal tap and her spinal fluid worked like magic!
by ?... October 22, 2007
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England's loudest band. The main members are David St. Hubbins (Guitar and lead vocals), Nigel Tufnel (Lead Guitar), and Derek Smalls (Bass). Rumour has it these guys are actually the American actors/filmakers Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer (who also plays many characters on The Simpsons) respectively. Best known for their 1984 rockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap", directed by Marty Di Bergi (who, rumour has it, is really the well known film maker Rob Reiner!).

Filmed an entertaining sequel in 1992 called "The Return of Spinal Tap" which mostly featured live footage of them playing a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in 1992, plus some interviews.
1. I love Spinal Tap! I love the old stuff, and I love the new stuff!

2. Spinal Tap's amplifiers go to 11. Thats one louder, innit?

3. Spinal Tap continue to fill a much needed void in the music business.
by Artie Fufkin, Polymer records September 29, 2004
A medical procedure which involves tapping the spinal cord (similar to tapping a keg) to remove infected cerebro-spinal fluid.
Bob just got a spinal-tap because his cerebro-spinal fluid got infected.
by Phil316 July 22, 2005
This is when you poop and it hurts so badly coming out, you'd swear it was leaving you sideways.
Man, that was one hell of a spinal tap.
by SiirPatron September 23, 2011
When a woman is giving a blow job and just before the man cums she sucks so hard that she swallows a little bit of spinal fluid along with his load.
Damn bro that bitch last night sucked my dick so hard she gave me a spinal tap.
by jtMD July 09, 2014
When you punch someone in the lower back, normally after yelling "Spinal tap!" to warn them.
Robert totally spinal tapped me!
by PamFergus September 04, 2006
When one person places his butt on the top of another persons back and farts on him, sending shockwaves down the spine.
I totally gave Adam a Spinal Tap at work yesterday
by Fred Curcio June 07, 2007
Sex move in which When the guy’s cock is so big it breaks the girl’s spine and paralyzes her
I gave that ho the Spinal tap!
by JBut November 24, 2007

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