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Rigorously rub spicy chili peppers all over your penis (don't worry about that tingly, awesome burning sensation) just before fucking like a rock star.
Sara, "Hey Mindy, I heard you're fucking Gordan Ramsey from Hells Kitchen?"

Mindy, "Yeah, last Monday was the Mexican episode and he gave me such a bad Spicy Taco I had to put an ice cube in my pussy!"
by Jeremy Beavercreek September 27, 2011
before engaging in some very "hot" and erotic foreplay with dildos and/or vibrators, you dip or spray the toys down with some pepper spray or some bear mace, and I mean give em a real good coat. Then you take the false wangs and you proceed to go directly to town on your partner's beav and/or bung. If you so choose, you may enjoy the spicyness as well using your mouth or genitals, or both.
Say, love muffins? How's about I duck into that hunting supply store real quick, and pick up some bear mace. Then, we can meet behind that dumpster, and I'll hook you up with a spicy taco while we wait for grandma to get out of surgery?
by D.P. Wong March 17, 2009
A douchebag who stalks two girls to Big Truck Tacos and gets bitched when they go through the drive thru. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to: paying for the targets night at the fair and then getting ditched for another man, abandoning friends to stalk targets, excessive talking about one's wrestling career to try to impress the stalked girl(s), and excessive crying and pouting over the above situations
Sounds like a case of the Spicy Taco
by GSP_anal69 October 21, 2010
A culinary mishap in which a female cook handles dry or fresh chiles and then uses the restroom to urinate--thereby touching parts on or around her vagina with chile-infused fingers and causing some of the worst pain known to female-kind.

For the male version, see Spicy taco.
"I was putting some pasillas into the soup, got a call from the vendor, and then ran to the bathroom. When I was washing my hands I realized I gave myself a spicy taco so bad I had to break out the milk."
by CookinSpain November 04, 2014
This is when you get anything spicy (tabasco, salsa), or anything else spicy that you would eat, and dump them into a pussy. When you start licking her pussy, it will taste good. Like a taco.
My girlfriend gave me the worst head when were were 69ing. So i decided to put some tabasco sauce up her pussy. Dayum. I didnt even notice her bad head when i was tasting that spicy taco!
by coak October 23, 2006
The reaction from a woman after hot sauce is applied near her Treasure Track.
Put hot sauce on your hand and rub away.
by CJ February 09, 2005
Getting fisted by another individual up the ass and up the urethra
Hey Jeff . Do you want a spicy taco.

Sure. What's that?


Oh Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!
by Pu gf ddguh c gftufde August 31, 2016
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