Similar to the Reichter scale, only used to measure the extent to which an object, idea, or situation is fucked up.
This new Steven Seagal movie is a Sphincter Factor Five!
by squirrelmaster5.0 June 08, 2003
noun (slang); An allusion to the Richter Scale which, instead of measuring seismic activity, quantifies the magnitude of undesirable aspects. One of many colloquialisms used to define this magnitude (synonyms: suck-o-meter, dick meter, fail scale, et al).
"I give this whole thing a Sphincter Factor of about 9.5!" -- 'Hippy' (Todd Graff) in The Abyss (film, 1989, dir. James Cameron). Possible origin.
by Rancorr Blackmane August 05, 2009
A television show similar to Fear Factor in which contestants shove bull testicles and insects up their butt-holes rather than eating them.
Dude, did you see Sphincter Factor last night? A guy totally shoved scorpion up his ass!
by an0n1989 October 18, 2009

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