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Space, as pronounced by Space Marines (SPESS MEHREENS) like Commander Boreale from Warhammer 40k. Considering SPESS is where most of the game happens, it stands to reason that it should be given as much emphasis as it is. Must be pronounced with Boreale's voice in order to have the correct effect, which is hilarity, as Boreale is a caricature as far as non SPESS MEHREEN players are concerned.
by dplock October 10, 2013
Spess is spess, also known as spess or space. Spess is the almighty governing body of the universe. Spess is the only true demi-god. SPESS SHALL RULE HUMANITY ONCE HUMANITY GOES TO SPESS!
by StelarCF September 05, 2013
From the term "Specimen" - A Weirdo that does weird shit for no reason other the the fact they are a complete lab specimen!
Oh my god, look at that spess With the long blonde mullet and 1980's bomber jacket! What a fuckin' spess!
by Phatzoot June 15, 2011
More commonly referencing a guy who is extremely muscular and or does something that is very aggressive.
However, anyone can be a spess. Could be something as meaningless as a guy drinking a beer in public in broad daylight.
Also can be someone who just clearly has no regard for anyone else, any law, or anything in general.

Synonyms: Jacked, Ripped, dilligaf, doesnt give a fuck
Antonyms: Weak, scrawny
"Look at that spess".
"That guys a fuckin spess".
(After a guy on cops punches another guy in the face) "what a spess"
"Only spess's ride motorcycles with their shirts off"
"What a spess move"
by Jimmy Nasium March 24, 2008
Long beach state term that means someone is a member of the "sticky" bandits. Also, it means someone who shits or poops on competition, most commonly beer pong.
"ima spess meee"
by spessmee December 17, 2008
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