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16 definitions by Phatzoot

What you say when you don't believe someone!
Oi Darkin, Shane reckons he smashed 18 birds last night!!

I bet!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
35 13
The Job title of a person that is on the dole!
The politically correct term for a bum!
What do you do for a living?
Me, I'm a giro technician! The money's whack but the hours are great!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
17 0
When Girls commit any act of lesbianism!
Oh dear, Charlene and Her mate got so pissed yesterday, they started lezzin' it off! It was phat, they were scissoring and everything!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
15 0
The opposite of result!

When things don't quite go your way!
Mike:"Shit, I Lost my fuckin fone man!!!" You: "Desult!"

You: "I Had Pocket Aces and went skint to pocket 2's on poker last night"!
Wilson: " Desult! "
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
18 3
Really Really Crap Ganja! Bottom of the barrell weed!
Also Known As Boggers
You on phone: Yo, You Got any weed geez?

Your Dealer: I've Only Got Bog Weed!

You To Friends: Shit guys, he's only got boggers What shall we do?!!

Freinds: Just Get a Teenth Man!
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
16 2
Sarcastic for "Yeah Nice One"
Used when someone doesn't do you the slightest of favors or when someone does something so stupid that they should of known not to do it because it was so blatantly dumb!
You: "Sean, can i borrow a quid off ya till later?" Sean: "Nah!" You: "Worth!"

"oh Sean, so your driving past the the shop on ya way home! Sweet can i grab a lift and jump out at the shop then yeah?" Sean: "Nah"
You: "Worth!"

Tone didnt fill out his job search for the job centre yesterday, the one thing he has to do that takes about 4 minutes once a fortnight, and they stopped his money!
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
29 15
The words used to describe something that sucks!
Chris, you can't sleep through your shift tonight i'm afraid, there's loads of work to do!
Oh man, That's fuckin' ball hang!
by Phatzoot June 23, 2011
13 0