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The sperm of a smurf. Plain and simple.
Look at all that blue shit on that bitches face! She got sperf all over her!
by Spachalu February 28, 2011
1 0
When one or more sperm cells surfboard, specifically onto another object. A "sperfable wave" can be any object or person.
OMG. My load just sperfed all over your face.

Later my balls will unload their competitors into the lake for a round of sperfing.
by laser goat September 01, 2010
2 1
word used to describe a puertorican when one is in the presence of puertoricans, instead of using the obviously deregotory term spic.
(scene in crowded nyc mcdonald's)
white boy #1- check out that sperf with the air jordans.
white boy #2- yeah. well check out the one with the crazy look on his face.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
1 4
the act of cumming in a girls ass hole then having her shit it out, then you wipe it all over their chest with your dick.
dude that chick looks like she got sperfed all over last night
by milliondolrmoose69r March 08, 2007
4 7