the foam the erupts from a whigger when he is crying about his baby dick. fool
fuck u homies/i am not a hipocrite.
by ? May 26, 2003
Top Definition
geordie or Newcastle slang meaning a small splinter of wood. Usually referred to in this way when one is embedded in your hand.
I've got a spelk in my hand
by Dave W May 14, 2004
A splinter: origin: North East.

i.e Sunderland/Newcastle/Middlesborough
Mackem Geordie Smog Monster
The young lad had been working on his Tree HOuse and got a spelk in his thumb.
by SAFC May 04, 2007
person who is little and thin
he's only a spelk but he can sup 15 pints of lager
by lank November 14, 2003
a splinter of the wood variety - north england/ borders
"... our kid went down the wooden slide an' got 'imself a couple 'o spelks in his bollox
by Ainsley Marriot July 21, 2003
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