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Special Ops otherwise known as SO's are An elite group of people. Origin unknown, base location unknown. Not much is known about these people other than they carry out operations and missions that nobody knows about. Many people beg to be let into special ops yet only a certain few are worthy.
Missions carried out include, spying, sabotage and assination.
They are trained in..
Martial arts
Vehicle driving (including tanks)
Looking good
Your not special ops your not worthy.

Don't beg special opsness, you have to be born with it
by SpecialOps October 18, 2006
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A crappy spinoff board coded by an 11 year old kid who had way too much free time.
Ant P: download my crappy rip off boards or be raped like my butt-buddy Osiris :-*
by Aquatakat February 04, 2005
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Code word for referring to Obvious Plastic Surgery while in the presence of the surgically enhanced individual, often referring to a female with fake breasts.
A female with obviously fake boobs walks by.

Dude1: "Yeah, I'm thinking about the army, special ops."
Dude2: "Totally."

The female leaves.

Dude1: "So fake. Her nipples were coming out of her collarbone."
Dude2: "I'd still hit that."
Dude1: "Definitely."
by boredjoey March 09, 2006
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The act of a special needs student doing "parkour" (what it really is is them running and jumping over stuff and thinking it's parkour) or jumping/ running around when everyone else simply walks
Tim was in out gym class he did lots of Special Ops in our class, he climbed trees and did some pretty insane jumps and rolls
by CatDelNorris December 17, 2015
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Spinoff board coded masterfully by Ant P, who releases a new version of the source every 2 minutes. One of the few Non-Retarded spinoffs out there.
That new spinoff looks good, but it does not compare to Special Ops.
by Bytt Omake June 13, 2004
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