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(noun) Having something to say, but it is most likely stupid or irrelevant in a conversation. The way someone says something with speach will sound as smooth as the flavor of a peach.

(adj) Speachful. Describing someone who is talking about something off topic or very stupid.
noun - Bob: Mark Z. had really sounded good even though he made himself look stupid today. He really had speach.

Tom: I know, right. I want to listen to his voice all day because of that.

adjective - Carl: You should quit being so speachful. You make yourself look like such a retard at the conference meeting.

Mark: I don't care what you think! You are just jealous because I had two cherries on my sundae!

Carl: *to himself* Freaking retard...
by UnicornWithWings May 16, 2013
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