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Meaning Gimp, Retard, Toolbag. usually said to someone who you dislike when they say/do somthing completly idiotic.
Of course its cold in an ice rink you fuckin spazmo.

Seiriously your girlfriend is a bog beast and she is shite at blowjobs you spazmo.
by J.Carlin July 21, 2008
One Who Displays Characteristics Of A Person Suffering From Down Syndrome. Seeming To Think Irationally
You Fucking Spazmo
by Hairy Dave November 22, 2003
Spazmo = spastic moment... hence "spazmo"... probably found in Frank Zappa's "Dictionary of Shunned Words".
He's a having a spastic moment, ergo, he is a spazmo to his friends.
by plumedenon December 23, 2009
A person who acts spasticated on a regular basis
god Kate Wilby is such a spazmo
by bumbag32 June 02, 2010
Adj;Noun; used when trying to insult your mother. Whether she is around or not.
"Sorry I couldn't call you last night. That spazmo wouldn't let me be on the phone!?"
by miss.e. August 23, 2008

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