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The holiday celebrated by men when when their wives or girlfriends are not home and they have the house to themselves.
Mike's wife will be at her sister's all day. Since nobody will be home, he's going to put on some porn and celebrate Spanksgiving!
by JohnK2374 December 17, 2007
Spending Thanksgiving alone, masturbating all evening and using your tears as lubricant.
Well, I'm stuck out of town for Thanksgiving.. Time to fire up the computer and celebrate Spanksgiving!
by Sven Gradna November 24, 2011
Created in the late 1990's; Spanks-giving is a holiday celebrated annually, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is a celebration of the continued dominance of the Virginia Tech football program over their in state rival The University of Virginia.
Are you going to Charlottesville for Spanks-giving this year?

I was so wasted I never made it to that last Spanks-Giving day game.
by YoudontknowHOO February 02, 2011
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