1. (n)One who eats ass.
2. (v) (to Spaghettimunch) To eat ass
3. (n) One who eats spaghetti out of asses.

This term was coined at a wedding I attended. My brother (who was the guest speaker), asked the groom is he spaghettimunched his new wife, and if not, she knew where to find him.

We've used this term ever since. (That was about 5 years ago.)
1. "Macy, he's hot!"
"Yeah, I heard he's a spaghettimuncher too!"
2. "Dude, I totally spaghettimunched that bitch!"
"Dude, that's fucking disgusting."
3. "She wants me to spaghettimunch her!"
"With spaghetti and everything?"
"Yep. Her grandma's recipe."
by YoRatchetCookieMonstaAss May 28, 2014
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