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A game played while driving a car. The driver and passenger compete in spotting a car with one headlight missing or broken. The objective is to be the first to spot the car, then say the word spadoodle as fast as you can, remember, its a competition. Its customary to hit the losers arm as a punishment and as marking of a score. The passenger has a distinct advantage in being able to scan left to right. DISCLAIMER: NOT WISE FOR DRIVER TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO GAME, eyes on the road :)
"Spadoodle" said Thomas as he eblowed Kimberleys arm. The point was his. again!
by Bertha Keith February 09, 2010
The act of unleashing ones ancestral seed in a stream of the milky variety.
"My roommate had to wash my blanket because he spadoodled all over it"

"Sure you can borrow my car. Just no spadoodling in the back seat."

by Canyouhandlethis January 04, 2016
This is where a person tries to poop, but accidentally sits on the back of their shirt. The "process" leaves their shirt soiled with human feces.
Pete took a shit, but accidentally spadoodled on his shirt.
by poolpartysteve January 10, 2013
A sacred religion of the Timberdoodle: (American Woodcock)

1. The Spadodian religion also known as “spoodles”

2. Spadodian beliefs or practices include: Worshiping of the sacred Timberdoodle (American Woodcock) Sacrificing of Snickerdoodles and caboodling fellow members every third wednesday of the month.
3. The state of being a Spadoodle
5. Awesomeness!
6. Conformity to the Spadodian religion or to its beliefs or practices.
A particular religious system: She followed fundamentalist Spadodianity

person 1: "what religion are you?"

person 2: "well i'm a spadoodle"

person 1: "thats flapdoodle!"
by Spadoodle masters May 30, 2010
Spadoodle can mean anything and everything. It can also possess a positive and or negative outlook.
"Dude, That was one hell of a spadoodle night."

"Uh, What the heck did we do with that spadoodle?"

"Hey, you have a spadoodle day alright!"

"Sometimes you act like a frikken spadoodle man..."

by Ninja_cy December 10, 2007
It is the mating call of the adamosaur.
"Hey, whats up?"

by I am a liar December 17, 2007
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